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Join our 14- day challenge and get ready to relaunch your practice!

 Right now physicians have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on their practice. Clinics have calmed down and physicians have the time to make vital changes. Don’t spend your valuable time listening to depressing news and scrolling social media. Make those changes now!

Will You Accept the Challenge?

Practice management consultants are coming together to issue you a special 14-day challenge to help your practice get ready to “re-launch.” We will share valuable tips and issue daily challenges on how to streamline your practice and make it more profitable.

How are we going to do that?

Every morning a new daily challenge will be announced via Facebook. The designated task must be completed before midnight. You WILL be held accountable for these challenges. These challenges will require an hour of your time every day. These tasks will help your practice thrive now and in the future.

Bonus: If you are trying to keep your staff busy and on payroll we have special daily challenges for them too!

Learn from the best in the business as we teach and challenge you to
• Build protocols
• Learn how to schedule effectively,
• Increase your revenue 
• Manage your cash flow
• Train your staff

You Must Commit!

We want your practice to not just survive, we want it thrive. We understand that many of you are facing large financial pressures. We are offering this program to you free of cost, 
but we are requiring a 
100% commitment to the challenge. 
If you are NOT ready to commit to working on your practice and can NOT devote 
1 hour of your time daily. Do not join. 

The challenge begins on Tuesday April 14th!

Please register and complete the quick questionnaire to begin today!

Your Challenge Guides : 
Holly Burkman , Tina Del Buono, 
Nadia Din DPM, John Guiliana DPM, and Peter Wishnie DPM