Burkman Consulting

Burkman Consulting


Run a Successful Medical Practice With Help From Burkman Consulting

Hello! My name is Holly Burkman, and I’m a medical practice management consultant in Missouri. I help struggling medical practices to get back on the right track and become profitable again.

Let an Unbiased Party Offer a Fresh Perspective

I am a no-nonsense, straightforward onsite consultant. Through honest opinion and thorough analysis, I guide your business toward necessary changes. I audit medical charts, billing, workflow, and more. Allow me to give you the tools you need to overcome your practice’s biggest obstacles.

Providing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

While you can go to a conference and ask questions, no one can really know what is happening in your practice unless they are in your shoes. That is why I come to you!

It is impossible to offer correct advice when your practice is just a name and set of numbers. The more I see, the more I can help! From implementing new protocols to increase per patient value (PPV) to audit charts and billing, Burkman Consulting is there to offer solutions for success.

Free Quotes and Estimates Are Available

After a personalized consultation, I offer quotes and estimates free of charge.