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A Company That Cares About Your success

How Burkman Consulting Began

Starting a medical practice from scratch was never supposed to be easy. When my husband and I started our medical clinic, I never dreamed of the problems we would face – insurance denials, audits, accounting nightmares, hiring and firing staff, training staff, endless paperwork, EMR, government regulations. Not to mention all the drama. It was an adventure that soon turned into a nightmare.

An Idea Is Born

Fast forward to today, our medical practice is now a success. We have implemented systems and protocols that have changed the way our practice runs. I never really thought much about it until I started visiting medical practices and realized how much practitioners are struggling. They needed help, and I knew what to do. Thus, Burkman Consulting was formed in 2014.

My Story

I’m Holly Burkman, and I’m the consultant behind Burkman Consulting. I stand out from the rest because of my dedication to build a medical practice from the ground up. I have been the medical assistant, the biller, the front desk person, and the practice manager. In a nutshell, I have done it all. I heard the complaints of the staff. I heard the worries from my husband about his practice.

At the time, my ability to buy groceries and pay the mortgage was totally dependent on what happened in the office. I had skin in the game. My choices were to rise above the issues and find solutions or go down with the practice. I chose to fix it.

This experience led to a growth of passion in the consulting field. I hold numerous degrees and certificates that give me the credibility to help practices. However, it is the years of experience that allow me to offer personalized solutions.

Holly Burkman, An Expert You Can Trust

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