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Medical Device and Business Management

Many physicians have great ideas but they tend to stay ideas and never materialize into reality. These ideas may be able to bring change to the medical community, but most physicians don’t have the time or the business background to bring their idea into production.

It takes a knowledgeable business partner to navigate the complex world of taxes, business entities, FDA, patents, attorneys, CPA’s, clinical trials, AMA CPT approval, Medicare PDAC, Medicare certification, Medicare approval, sales, production, manufacturing, prototypes, liability, and insurance approval.

There are many bumps, barriers and red tape in starting any business. The red tape is 10x more difficult with the added complexity of medicine and the regulatory agencies that accompany them.

Burkman Consulting has the team and expertise to navigate everything from business set up to prototype to patent to FDA clearance to the complex world of CPT, insurance and Medicare approval and finally, negotiating the sale or production of the device.

Burkman consulting takes a different approach and truly partners with the physician. We do not collect money until the project is completed and successful.

Please schedule an appointment with us and we will be happy to give you an honest opinion on your idea and decide if we will be a good fit for you.

“Holly was instrumental in giving me the correct direction and instruction on everything business related. She has an incredible insight into the medical business. Her team and her are a wealth of information! You will never find a better business partner in the medical field.”

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