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Got Protocols? 

Many times, as a consultant, I go into the medical offices, and I see physicians rushing from room to room, trying to see as many patients as possible. In this process, they are thinking: · I forgot to check her lab work.· I should've run that test.· I need to use that new thing I bought at the last conference. · Did I meet the MIPS requirements? · Where is my nurse?· Crap! I'm running an hour behind, and Mrs. Jones is waiting for me. They frantically rush to the next room, yelling at their nurse to bring them this or to do that. At the end of clinic, the physician sits down to three hours' worth of charting and a falling bank balance and think: "This is not why I went to medical school. This is not why I own a private practice. This is not what my life is supposed to be like," they tell themselves. "I am failing as a doctor and a business owner. What am I even doing here?" Sound familiar? Stop Whining! Stop Losing money! Stop Being un-happy! Fix it! Learn the insider secrets of how practice management consultant Holly Burkman transforms the numerous medical practices she works with. Discover how YOU can increase your revenue, decrease stress, and enjoy medicine again. This book is a down to earth, no-nonsense guide to building practice protocols. Stop complaining and start improving, but most of all, start LIVING!!!

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