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TBD 2022

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Being held at the BEAUTIFUL Peace Lodge in COSTA-RICA!

Double Room

Family Suite

Discover New Ways to Streamline Your Private Practice & Put More Money In Your Pocket!

Are you happy with the amount of money you’re personally earning from your private medical practice (and the long hours you have to put in to earn it)?

Let’s face it; physicians aren’t making nearly what they made back in the 70’s and 80’s. Back then they didn’t have to deal with all for the rules, regulations, and endless wrangling with insurance companies for reasonable reimbursement. On top of that, according to a Medscape Physicians Report, bureaucratic tasks are the primary cause of “burnout” among physicians, with 57% spending 10 or more hours per week on paperwork.

But that’s all about to change!

You’re Invited to Attend a 4 Day Brainstorming & Bonding Session at the Luxurious 5 Star Peace Lodge in Costa Rica!

Here’s what you will discover at this event:

  • How to implement systems so all the rules and regulations that are piled on you are automatic.

  • How to make your workflow more efficient so you put in less hours while increasing revenue.

  • How to get paid what you’re really worth on a consistent basis.

  • How to make bill collection a problem of the past.

  • How to STOP Pushing Paper and become a master at the business end of medicine.

  • How to create systems to verify insurance before you ever see the patient.

  • How to mold you practice into the business you always dreamed it would be.

  • How to make more money and still maintain great relationships with your patients.

  • How to solve the biggest problems that plague your practice.

This is not a feel-good, pat yourself on the back conference. Real work will be done, change will happen, and solutions will be found. You will NOT be learning Business theories or philosophies. You will be learning how to actually make your practice more successful and more profitable.

Mastermind – Brainstorming Think Tank

Bonds will be made – Secrets will be Shared – Problems will be Solved!

As you probably know, the best ideas are always the ones that are formed after hours while talking to other physicians and learning from each other.

It is an incredible thing to gather a group of physicians and let the brainstorming and discussions flow. Questions will be asked and some of your most annoying and costly problems will be solved. We will all learn from each other’s mistakes and successes in order to facilitate this mastermind gathering.

*A Full Practice analysis by Burkman Consulting will be provided to all physicians.

We Have Rented the ENTIRE Peace Lodge!

The Peace Lodge is located on the grounds of La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park…

Be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by the sights and sounds of nature with over 100 animal species in the sanctuary area of the park.

Relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul at a five star service resort with muscle melting massages, horseback riding, white water rafting, hiking through the rain forest to the stunning views of 5 fantastic water falls. Spend your down time splashing in the Jacuzzi in your room or by the trout pond, or just leisurely relaxing in a balcony hammock or a handcrafted canopy bed.

Give Yourself A Raise While Having the Time of Your Life!

At this One Of A Kind Event we will explore things like:

  • Are in clinic antibiotic infusion a good direction for your clinic?

  • See how antibiotic infusion in your office can improve patient care (and revenue), while reducing paperwork and administrative tasks.

  • Are you leaving money on the table due to billing errors (and how much)?

  • After years of auditing and reviewing charts, we’ve seen it all. We will show you the common costly mistakes physicians make and show you how to prevent them.

  • (All billing questions are encouraged and welcomed).

  • Is your staff having difficulties implementing changes?

  • Learn how to communicate with your staff and motivate them so changes stick.

  • Are you improving your services (and increasing revenue) by keeping current with the times?

  • Learn what’s new in medicine and how to profit from it.

  • Are you busy as hell but the money is just not there? Does it feel like there is a black hole in your bank account? Are you seeing more and more patients, but the bottom line is not improving?

  • Learn how to solve this issue and how to prevent it from EVER happening again!

  • Are you constantly running out of time? Is it time to hire a scribe?

Learn the different options of getting started, how to prevent problems and make this work so you spend more of your time doing what you want. Bottom line, your medical practice is a business. At this event you will learn fundamentally how to run a business efficiently and profitably so you can live the life you ‘ve always wanted.

Fun and Relaxing Conference That Will Help You Make Your Practice More Efficient & Profitable

***You can write it off as a business expense! ***

This is unique opportunity for you to brainstorm with a private and intimate group of physicians. At this event you will learn how to take your private practice to an exciting new level. No vendors are allowed at this retreat. It’s a 100% No Pitch Zone! Purely for Fun, Problem Solving & Profit Planning.

Participation is required. Come with your problems and we will all work together to think of solutions.

Join our retreat and become part of this incredible Fun Think Tank.

The conference, incredible meals, entertaining activities, all transportation (NOT including airfare) and luxury accommodations are all inclusive and included in one reasonable fee of $2,995 & $955 for additional quest. ( Fee increases after April 30th) Your fee covers everything EXCEPT airfare to Costa Rica and any alcoholic beverages.

A full practice analysis will also be provided at no additional cost.

The retreat is being held: Monday, October 18th through Thursday, October 21st, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call 216-355-0291

Note: This exclusive event is  limited to 20 physicians (due to space constraints).

We have 2 Double Rooms, 2 Family Suites and only 5 deluxe suites available on a First Come First Served Basis!

**If you want a nicer room, you need to reserve your spot ASAP! **

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