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Holly Burkman


Who is your audience?

Inspire Action Today!

What is a speaker if she does not inspire action?

Many times, it is the speaker and topics that draw attendance to your conferences. However, nothing is worse than seeing the same topic over and over again at a conference. If the speaker fails to give the audience solutions to their problems and fails to keep them engaged, the overall event could fail.

My presentations on innovative topics have been known to capture audiences. I educate, inspire, and offer concrete solutions to complex problems that many individuals in your audience are facing.

I am an accomplished speaker and have spoken numerous time on the national stage and also at local regional and state events. I enjoy speaking to large groups as well as in smaller, intimate meetings. I have the education and credentials needed to obtain CEU credits.

See the listed links to the right if you would like to explore the subjects I have spoken on in the past. I also offer customized presentations tailored to your conference or audience.  

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